Rex Ryan Reveals Creepy Mark Sanchez Tattoo

Rex Ryan really loves his wife. And his quarterback. Eww. Image via the New York Daily News.

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan is quite a character. Whether its bold pronouncements of the outlook for his team or revelations about his sex life uncomfortably coming to light (he’s a big fan of the feet), there is never a dull moment when Ryan is involved.

The Jets are coming off of a mess of a 2012 season, where the team finished 6-10-and saw quarterback Mark Sanchez struggle mightily. Ryan continued to back Sanchez throughout the interception after interception, never once putting in Tim Tebow to start the quarterback controversy everyone expected to unfold. But Ryan’s support of Sanchez held steady and the head coach believed, with the exception of one game, that the quarterback gave his team the best chance to win.

Or something. But here’s a story to add to the “Yeah, that’s totally normal—cough cough” files. Fast forward to Ryan, decompressing in the Bahamas after yet another disappointing season for Gang Green. That part is totally normal. Where do things get weird? That would be the fact that present on Ryan’s arm is a tattoo of an image of a woman that looks like his wife…wearing a #6 Sanchez jersey.

I’m not even sure to go with that. But, to take a stab at it, the words “creepy” and “wildly inappropriate” come to mind.

Oh Rex, what will you do for an encore? Actually, nevermind. I’m too scared to find out.


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