Fashion Offense: Dwyane Wade Likes 'Em Tight

Image via Larry Brown Sports

NBA star Dwyane Wade has topped even himself.

Miami Heat teammate LeBron James posted a photo of Wade via social media on Monday night that leaves room for only one word to be uttered: wow.

Wade has previously demonstrated that he is not shy about his trouser selection. However, this time it wasn’t the color that presented the surprise. It was the super slim cut. Why stop at skinny jeans when you can add more sheen and formality to the look, seemed to be the question on Wade’s mind? He rocked skin-tight black cigarette pants featuring  an Asian-inspired print and suede loafers. With the bottom so bold, Wade rightly kept the top half tame, completing the look with a conservative button-down white shirt.

What do you think of Wade’s look—are you liking the boldness or think that he needs to tone it down?

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