About This Site

Welcome to bronzemuse.com. This site features this bronze girl's musings on...pretty much everything. I have an opinion on matters big and small and feel that it is my duty to share with the world the things that go on in my head. From politics to fashion to music, join me as I comment on the laughter and exasperation that is our modern reality.

The website name and handle came from a visit to Philadelphia's African American History Museum. The nickname "Bronze Muse" was the name given to Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, a women's rights activist and abolitionist (1825-1911). Once I heard the nickname, I knew that I had to appropriate the alias.

Have fun visiting the site. I would love to know who is reading and what you are thinking about the site and the posts. You can reach me via email at bronzemuse@bronzemuse.com. And, follow me on twitter: @bronze_muse.

Don't forget to check out Bronze Muse's sister site, The Sports Muse for witty commentary on all things sports.

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