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Philly Phaithful: Keeping the Faith in Philly Sports

Main merchandise display at Philly Phaithful's Northern Liberties storefront.

The Sports Muse Podcast: Eagles Week in Review

Look, ma! I'm podcasting!

It's been a whirlwind of a week for sports fans, especially those who love the wonderful game of football. The lockout ended after 4 1/2 awful months, and the Eagles have done their darndest to make up for lost ground over the past 6 days.

I haven't forgotten about you, Sports Muse readers--I've just been working on  ways to turn this site into a multimedia masterpiece.

For the Love of God: Stop. Talking. About. Cheesesteaks.

Watching national coverage of sporting events involving Philadelphia teams the past several days has revealed a disturbing pattern: An upsetting amount of inexplicable cheesesteak references. Sports broadcasters, the fans of Philadelphia sports teams implore you: Learn something more about Philadelphia other than the fact that cheesesteaks are eaten in this city.

It's a Wrap! Final Thoughts on Philly Beer Week 2010

I am fully recovered and sufficiently detoxed from this year's Philly Beer Week. If you couldn't tell from my previous entry, I had a great time and and enjoyed a variety of events featuring different breweries. The other events attended were (continued from previous entry):

5. Sly Fox BBQ Night at the P.O.P.E. - Tuesday, June 8

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