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fashion offense

Fashion Offense: Dwyane Wade’s Loud and Proud Jacket

Dwayne Wade and his jacket were loud and proud about their victory over the Chicago Bulls on Thursday night. Image via SB Nation.

It’sthe NBA Playoffs, which means that players in the already stylish league have amped up their fashion choices even more for the bright lights of post-season play. Depending on the particular person and day, that can either be a good or a bad thing.

Fashion Offense: Mike Rozier at the Heisman Awards

Image via Larry Brown Sports

There is no greater honor in college football than to win the Heisman Trophy. It is an award given to legends of the game who are never forgotten. At this year’s ceremony, held on Saturday, former winners lined the stage, demonstrating just a part of the elite fraternity of Heisman membership. It’s not an award just for that year, but for the ages.

Andrew Bynum Needs A Hair Intervention

That sh*t cray.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Throwback the Throwback!

Lawd, lawd. Photo via NFL

A tip to the Pittsburgh Steelers: keep the past in the past. As in buried way, waaay back in the closet. So far back that it can never again see the the light of day.

Fashion Offense: Rocking the Onesie in New England

Lord, Lord. Image via Larry Brown Sports

What in the world is going on in New England?

Fashion Offense: NBA Stilettos

Aack! No. Just....no./image via NewsOne.com

The sports world is constantly trying to figure out how to branch into the world of fashion just enough to capture the interest of their female fans and maybe, just maybe, attract some new ones.

Well, I can tell you this right now. The NBA has not figured out how to achieve this balance with their new NBA stilettos.

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