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Cliff Lee

For the Love of God: Stop. Talking. About. Cheesesteaks.

Watching national coverage of sporting events involving Philadelphia teams the past several days has revealed a disturbing pattern: An upsetting amount of inexplicable cheesesteak references. Sports broadcasters, the fans of Philadelphia sports teams implore you: Learn something more about Philadelphia other than the fact that cheesesteaks are eaten in this city.

Cliff Lee Never Had an Awkward Phase

The Post Game on Yahoo! Sports has a fun feature this week, showing high school photos of some today's most popular and successful athletes.

One of the athletes featured is Cliff Lee. Check him out.

Photo courtesy of The Post Game

That's right, it's the Phillies ace in his senior photo from 1997's Benton High School (Arkansas) yearbook.

Why DO We Love Cliff Lee?


Spring is in the air. The snow has melted, the days are longer, and the boys of summer are warming up in Clearwater. Philadelphians and, indeed, the world of baseball, are abuzz with what will surely be strong Phillies team. And we just can't stop talking about that pitching rotation.

Introducing The Sports Muse Shop

As The Sports Muse covers sports and fashion, it's only right that she provide you with a means to combine the two. With that, I am pleased to announce the arrival of The Sports Muse Shop. Gear up for baseball season with the "Cliff Lee Has Come Back to Me" tee.

Cliff Lee Returns to the Phillies. A Love Story.

One day, a man named Cliff Lee came to the Philadelphia Phillies. And he was loved.

Photo: USA Today

Root for This Man in the World Series

The World Series starts this evening. Sadly, it will not feature the Philadelphia Phillies. Wondering who to root for? Root for this man.

Texas Rangers ace and former Phillie Cliff Lee. Root for him because he is just that good. His ERA during the playoffs is 0.75. Tonight he goes head to head with Tim Lincecum (bleah), whose ERA is a shabby 1.93 ERA in comparison thus far in the post season.

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